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Is beauty only skin deep?

January 12, 2016
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What do you think? Is beauty only skin deep?

To me the most beautiful people aren’t necessarily physically beautiful in the conventional sense of the word. They exude a special life energy of joy and love. And those people tend to love themselves well enough to look after themselves from the inside out. Are you one of those people? Would you like to be?

What we put into our bodies is as important as what we put on our bodies. Do you see your body as a temple?! If you did then how would you treat your body differently?

Unfortunately, there is a cultural trend to focus on looks and we’re encouraged to cover up perceived flaws rather than accept them. Many women have resorted to surgery for fat reduction or breast enhancement and chemical substances are often used for wrinkle reduction and acne treatments.

Some things may be better to just accept – I’m never going to be a curvy girl and there is no use in trying. But other things have a deeper cause that if we look at it and ask the right questions, we might find simple answers.

Healthy eating is the simple answer to many of our beauty concerns. Cleaning up our diets can reduce acne – I eat an apple everyday because I know I tend to get spots if I don’t. Sometimes, we may need to look at our stress levels or circumstances like where we live or work to find answers.

I don’t think beauty is skin deep at all – in most instances the person who honours their own needs for healthy food and relaxation will radiate true beauty. Healthy living is vital for us to present ourselves well in the world and since my background is also in nutrition I can help you with that in my Style & Presentation One on One.


Group of cheerful young women holding hands up and dancing. Isol

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Big Magic

November 27, 2015
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You may remember the movie Eat, Pray, Love?? Where Julia Roberts played a journalist called Elizabeth Gilbert? And she took a SOUL searching journey to Italy, India and Bali?

Well… she DID find her “soul”!

I recently met Elizabeth Gilbert after her lecture in Liberty Hall in Dublin on Thanksgiving Day this year and experienced her “soul” first hand! What a privilege and honour. Her latest book is called Big Magic and the lecture to launch it was a treat for all who attended. It’s about honouring your own creativity and moving past fear. I laughed and welled up with tears at different points as the evening went on… and her soul touched mine.

I FEEL her soul when I listen to her TED talks and when I read her thoughts on her Facebook page and in her books. She means what she says and says what she means! When anyone speaks from their heart and lives according to their own true values and beliefs then we all feel it. You know what I mean… that moment when someone looks at you and really SEES you, when their voice has the power to move you to tears or laughter as they speak their truth? You do know it. Don’t you?

By tuning into your own soul, you might find that YOU have a wish… like a wish to write a poem or do something fun, or even take a bath. Please listen to that wish and find a way to make it come true!! I believe that taking some small action today makes those bigger dreams come true over time. We fulfill our OWN dreams and the mistake we sometimes make is hoping someone else will do it for us and we allow our fears to slow us down and sometimes stop our self expression completely.

Elizabeth Gilbert is an expert on this topic and her new book BIG MAGIC is all about making your creativity and self expression part of your daily life. She speaks about how to bring your fears along with you, holding Fear’s hand, reassuring it and reminding it that the actions you are taking creatively are not so dangerous as Fear may believe.

Fear definitely used to hold ME back! Big time!

In fact I’ve only recently started to look it in the eye and say – I hear you, I’ll consider what you say and then I’m going to go ahead and take action anyway. And it’s worth it because fear was standing in the way of my deepest wishes and my soul’s expression.

My only wish in life now is to just be me but I used to think that my singing was my wish. But singing only matters when my heart is in it, so the goal is less about doing singing and more about singing when my very soul is BURSTING out of it’s seams to sing out. The goal is SOUL. Maybe the goal is PURE SOUL! Or even Pure Soul Style 🙂

And now Pure Soul Style has a new honorary ambassador in Elizabeth Gilbert – she searched for her soul and now she doesn’t just express it but she also encourages us to do the same. She has spoken out for creativity and self expression (dare I say it “soul” expression”) for it’s own sake… So, will you take 10 minutes to experience the joy of doing or making because YOU love it even if no one else ever does? Are you up for the challenge!? Let’s all do something creative today!

Click here to buy her book!

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On authenticity – being the REAL you!

October 17, 2015
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Authenticity – An interview with Sile Walsh…

I was always a bit of a dreamer in life. I read lots of books as a child and later I used meditation and positive thinking to escape from life. These were simply coping strategies for me when I didn’t have faith in myself.

But the challenge is… how to become stronger and to live life according to your own values instead of everyone elses? How do you become authentic???

When I met Sile Walsh, I met a kindred spirit – she is the author of Self-Care, an Authentic Journey and she is Life & Business Coach based in Cork where she focuses on authenticity and self-care with her clients.

When I invited Sile to New Ross to interview her for my Pure Soul Style blog, I had no idea how much I would personally learn from that interview. In fact when I listened to it a few weeks later, I had even more “aha!” moments that helped me see my own “authentic” self in a new way.

In the interview we chat about what authenticity really is and about both of our personal stories around being true to ourselves. Sile also reveals tips to recognise when you are acting out of a wish to please others instead of being authentic. The interview is 33.33 mins long but I promise that if you take the time to listen in you will be glad you did…

Click here to hear this wonderful interview with Sile Walsh “On Authenticity”

I would love to find out your story about finding and expressing your authentic self and if you have a different perspective on this I would love to hear it too. Contact me on 089-9829914 or [email protected] Also, check out for Sile’s blog and her fabulous book on Self-Care.


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How to boost your creativity with Danielle Serpico

August 28, 2015
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How many of you have a hidden talent or passion that you haven’t expressed in a long time??

For me, I always wanted to sing but thought deep down that it wasn’t possible or practical so I didn’t pursue it all for long periods of time. Deep inside I felt it. It was like a hole in my heart and a pain that I couldn’t face. It took me a long time and a lot of soul-searching to finally change my own mindset so that I could really go for it and I’m gigging regularly now.

So, when I heard Danielle Serpico’s story it really struck a chord with me… she spoke at a conference that I was speaking at and explained how she rediscovered her art almost 20 years after going into the restaurant business after attending art college. Danielle is a life and mind coach now and she has written a book called The Blackbelt Mastermind that explains how to have a fighter mindset in life.

I love Danielle’s story  – it is pure inspiration! In my interview you will find out more about Danielle’s journey plus her top tips on how to use visualisation techniques to get your mind working FOR your own creativity instead of against it.


Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico


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Stylist or Image Consultant?

July 8, 2015
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Which is better?

If you are doing a photo shoot then a stylist may be the best person to have on board. A stylist is an artist, someone who is looking at the overall picture to co-ordinate the clothes and accessories and will create a unique “look” for a photo, a particular event or for a TV appearance.

Stylist – a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films. (Google definition)

However, if an image consultant has a more personal approach and the goal is not to merely create one look but instead to bring out the best overall look for an individual. So, an image consultant will first do a consultation with you to find out about you – your personality, your lifestyle, your colouring and body shape. Then, based on that, your image consultant will teach you the principles of good style in relation to just you. This allows you to make better choices when shopping and creating your own look in the future.

Image Consultant – a person or company hired to advise on improved public presentation or impression, esp. in media and public relations; also, such a person or company hired to assist someone in personal appearance or style. (

Both a Stylist and an Image Consultant take their clients personal shopping however an image consultant would be likely to do a Style & Presentation Consultation with you first to teach you what colours, styles, fabrics and accessories you should look for.

If you’re interested expressing the authentic you though your own unique personal style then image consulting is perfect for you. My goal is to help you to reveal the REAL you so that you express your authentic self in the way you present yourself in the world through a holistic, intuitive approach.

To find out more just click HERE.

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Shape Up For Summer

June 15, 2015
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Recently I launched a unique healthy eating programme to help you to shape up for summer.  It’s not for the faint hearted however – you have to give up all sugars, starch and carbohydrates for 2 weeks!!!

How does it work, I hear you say??

Well, the basic understanding is that the more balanced your Blood Sugars and Insulin levels are, the more likely you can burn fat. The first workshop takes just over 2 hours and I explain the concept and science behind it in detail so you understand what  you are doing. I monitor your progress regularly and we keep in touch by phoning and thought our private Facebook group. The final workshop explains how to maintain your results. It’s a cinch to keep it up after being on the strict plan  for two weeks! And once you have seen the difference in your body shape in such a short time, you’re going to want to keep up your good work.

Shape up for Summer 14 Day Challenge

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How to wear black…

May 25, 2015
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How to wear black this summer… Check out my video blog on how to wear black this summer and how to combine it with other colours to look softer or stronger depending on your colouring. I hope it helps 🙂 Any comments or questions? Please leave me a comment below. Thanks, Aideenx

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Power Posing

May 15, 2015
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Presentations or interviews can be some of the most difficult situations any of us have to deal with. Knowing that we are being judged can can be terrifying.

But in order to succeed in life we all need to be able to walk in and put our best foot forward. We need to feel that fear and do it anyway… (Check out Susan Jeffers book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway).

Thankfully, there is a really fun strategy that helps me reduce my stress and increase my confidence. The answer is to do something called power posing for a few minutes before the presentation or interview.

One of my favourite power poses is the Wonder Woman pose – standing tall, feet shoulder width apart, fists on hips. I’m humming the Wonder Woman theme song in my head as I think about it 🙂

Research by Harvard’s Amy Cuddy shows that our own body language affects how we feel. Those who adopt what they are calling Power Poses before interviews have lower stress levels and better focus. In the link below Amy talks about her own battle for self-confidence after she suffered a severe head injury in a car accident as well as the research. It is 20 minutes long but it is great.

So, please try it. Do your favourite power pose and see how much more confident you will feel!

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