Big Magic

Big Magic

November 27, 2015
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You may remember the movie Eat, Pray, Love?? Where Julia Roberts played a journalist called Elizabeth Gilbert? And she took a SOUL searching journey to Italy, India and Bali?

Well… she DID find her “soul”!

I recently met Elizabeth Gilbert after her lecture in Liberty Hall in Dublin on Thanksgiving Day this year and experienced her “soul” first hand! What a privilege and honour. Her latest book is called Big Magic and the lecture to launch it was a treat for all who attended. It’s about honouring your own creativity and moving past fear. I laughed and welled up with tears at different points as the evening went on… and her soul touched mine.

I FEEL her soul when I listen to her TED talks and when I read her thoughts on her Facebook page and in her books. She means what she says and says what she means! When anyone speaks from their heart and lives according to their own true values and beliefs then we all feel it. You know what I mean… that moment when someone looks at you and really SEES you, when their voice has the power to move you to tears or laughter as they speak their truth? You do know it. Don’t you?

By tuning into your own soul, you might find that YOU have a wish… like a wish to write a poem or do something fun, or even take a bath. Please listen to that wish and find a way to make it come true!! I believe that taking some small action today makes those bigger dreams come true over time. We fulfill our OWN dreams and the mistake we sometimes make is hoping someone else will do it for us and we allow our fears to slow us down and sometimes stop our self expression completely.

Elizabeth Gilbert is an expert on this topic and her new book BIG MAGIC is all about making your creativity and self expression part of your daily life. She speaks about how to bring your fears along with you, holding Fear’s hand, reassuring it and reminding it that the actions you are taking creatively are not so dangerous as Fear may believe.

Fear definitely used to hold ME back! Big time!

In fact I’ve only recently started to look it in the eye and say – I hear you, I’ll consider what you say and then I’m going to go ahead and take action anyway. And it’s worth it because fear was standing in the way of my deepest wishes and my soul’s expression.

My only wish in life now is to just be me but I used to think that my singing was my wish. But singing only matters when my heart is in it, so the goal is less about doing singing and more about singing when my very soul is BURSTING out of it’s seams to sing out. The goal is SOUL. Maybe the goal is PURE SOUL! Or even Pure Soul Style 🙂

And now Pure Soul Style has a new honorary ambassador in Elizabeth Gilbert – she searched for her soul and now she doesn’t just express it but she also encourages us to do the same. She has spoken out for creativity and self expression (dare I say it “soul” expression”) for it’s own sake… So, will you take 10 minutes to experience the joy of doing or making because YOU love it even if no one else ever does? Are you up for the challenge!? Let’s all do something creative today!

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