How to boost your creativity with Danielle Serpico

August 28, 2015
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How many of you have a hidden talent or passion that you haven’t expressed in a long time??

For me, I always wanted to sing but thought deep down that it wasn’t possible or practical so I didn’t pursue it all for long periods of time. Deep inside I felt it. It was like a hole in my heart and a pain that I couldn’t face. It took me a long time and a lot of soul-searching to finally change my own mindset so that I could really go for it and I’m gigging regularly now.

So, when I heard Danielle Serpico’s story it really struck a chord with me… she spoke at a conference that I was speaking at and explained how she rediscovered her art almost 20 years after going into the restaurant business after attending art college. Danielle is a life and mind coach now and she has written a book called The Blackbelt Mastermind that explains how to have a fighter mindset in life.

I love Danielle’s story  – it is pure inspiration! In my interview you will find out more about Danielle’s journey plus her top tips on how to use visualisation techniques to get your mind working FOR your own creativity instead of against it.


Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico

Painting by Danielle Serpico


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Stylist or Image Consultant?

July 8, 2015
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Which is better?

If you are doing a photo shoot then a stylist may be the best person to have on board. A stylist is an artist, someone who is looking at the overall picture to co-ordinate the clothes and accessories and will create a unique “look” for a photo, a particular event or for a TV appearance.

Stylist – a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films. (Google definition)

However, if an image consultant has a more personal approach and the goal is not to merely create one look but instead to bring out the best overall look for an individual. So, an image consultant will first do a consultation with you to find out about you – your personality, your lifestyle, your colouring and body shape. Then, based on that, your image consultant will teach you the principles of good style in relation to just you. This allows you to make better choices when shopping and creating your own look in the future.

Image Consultant – a person or company hired to advise on improved public presentation or impression, esp. in media and public relations; also, such a person or company hired to assist someone in personal appearance or style. (

Both a Stylist and an Image Consultant take their clients personal shopping however an image consultant would be likely to do a Style & Presentation Consultation with you first to teach you what colours, styles, fabrics and accessories you should look for.

If you’re interested expressing the authentic you though your own unique personal style then image consulting is perfect for you. My goal is to help you to reveal the REAL you so that you express your authentic self in the way you present yourself in the world through a holistic, intuitive approach.

To find out more just click HERE.

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Shape Up For Summer

June 15, 2015
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Recently I launched a unique healthy eating programme to help you to shape up for summer.  It’s not for the faint hearted however – you have to give up all sugars, starch and carbohydrates for 2 weeks!!!

How does it work, I hear you say??

Well, the basic understanding is that the more balanced your Blood Sugars and Insulin levels are, the more likely you can burn fat. The first workshop takes just over 2 hours and I explain the concept and science behind it in detail so you understand what  you are doing. I monitor your progress regularly and we keep in touch by phoning and thought our private Facebook group. The final workshop explains how to maintain your results. It’s a cinch to keep it up after being on the strict plan  for two weeks! And once you have seen the difference in your body shape in such a short time, you’re going to want to keep up your good work.

Shape up for Summer 14 Day Challenge

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How to wear black…

May 25, 2015
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How to wear black this summer… Check out my video blog on how to wear black this summer and how to combine it with other colours to look softer or stronger depending on your colouring. I hope it helps 🙂 Any comments or questions? Please leave me a comment below. Thanks, Aideenx

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Power Posing

May 15, 2015
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Presentations or interviews can be some of the most difficult situations any of us have to deal with. Knowing that we are being judged can can be terrifying.

But in order to succeed in life we all need to be able to walk in and put our best foot forward. We need to feel that fear and do it anyway… (Check out Susan Jeffers book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway).

Thankfully, there is a really fun strategy that helps me reduce my stress and increase my confidence. The answer is to do something called power posing for a few minutes before the presentation or interview.

One of my favourite power poses is the Wonder Woman pose – standing tall, feet shoulder width apart, fists on hips. I’m humming the Wonder Woman theme song in my head as I think about it 🙂

Research by Harvard’s Amy Cuddy shows that our own body language affects how we feel. Those who adopt what they are calling Power Poses before interviews have lower stress levels and better focus. In the link below Amy talks about her own battle for self-confidence after she suffered a severe head injury in a car accident as well as the research. It is 20 minutes long but it is great.

So, please try it. Do your favourite power pose and see how much more confident you will feel!

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Are you what you eat?

April 12, 2015
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Most people miss it!

They miss the link between what they eat and how they look and feel.

When you do really get it – well… it suddenly gets a lot easier to eat healthy!

Imagine that your body is like a building site. Only while the bricks are being brought onto the site they are also being torn down and taken away every time you move and use energy.

Our bodies are in a constant state of repair and it’s never, ever finished. As we move and think and digest and go about our everyday business our bodies are being worn down – the only way to really maintain our looks and health is to keep the best bricks coming in.

You are only about 7 years old, actually!

Every 7 years each cell in your body is replaced. So think about it!  Whatever age you are now then what you eat between now and 7 years time will determine how you look and feel.

Maybe you’ll always be tired or getting your first wrinkles and need a ton of makeup to hide your grey skin tone or you might look fresh faced, wrinkle free and be full of life.

What happens in the NEXT 7 years is completely up to you. And yes, the answer to are you what you eat is YES!

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Style Camouflage

June 19, 2014
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Have you ever used your clothes to hide? To blend in? To remain unseen?green caterpillar

In the animal kingdom camouflage helps an animal stay hidden and unseen. Like a worm blends into the soil so it can avoid being eaten by birds. So, it seems reasonable to think humans do something similar with style camouflage.

Things can happen that we weren’t expecting and times can be tough. So, we may be just trying to get through those days when the sun doesn’t seem to be shining. That’s when we might be better off to lie low and avoid everyone. Maybe even stay in your PJs all day!

But that isn’t the only way to hide…

Imagine a teen aged girl going out with friends who are wearing the latest and shortest dresses out there. Is she wearing the same thing to look older or dare I say it, sexier? Or is she avoiding being different? Is she hoping that by blending in that she won’t be seen or noticed at all?

I have a confession to make.  I tended to want to stand out and look great no matter what I was doing. I thought it might inspire others and I felt good looking good.

BUT then my life turned a corner that I wasn’t expecting…

… and I literally started to deliberately hide. I was living in London and instead of trying to be my usual well-groomed self – I started wearing loose tracksuits and no make-up. That continued until my confidence started to recover several months later.

So, what is your look doing for you?? Is it helping you to hide?

I certainly won’t judge you – maybe you need to hide because of the circumstances you live in. But I hope that you can have fun dressing up sometime soon too.

Here’s a poem from Shel Silverstein that says it all in a few lines:

“If you’re a bird, be an early bird

And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.

If you’re a bird be an early bird

But if you’re a worm… sleep late.”

For more on caterpillar camouflage check out:

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Media: friend or enemy for our body image?

June 10, 2014
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Jean Kilbourne’s presentation on how media advertisers, magazines and the fashion industry portrays women. And how this influences how women are perceived by themselves and others. This can affect our body image!! Keep watching for Kate Winslett’s comment on her image being photo-shopped without her permission by GQ magazine. What do you think? Is the… Read More »

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Unrealistic Expectations

May 2, 2014
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How a Barbie compares to the average 19 year old girl in the USA by Nickolay Lamm. Nickolay Lamm took it upon himself to discover what a Barbie doll would look like, based on the average 19-year-old American girl: 163.3 cm height, 85.4 cm waist, 35.8 cm upper arm length, 36.7 cm upper leg length. The data is provided… Read More »

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