On authenticity – being the REAL you!

October 17, 2015
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Authenticity – An interview with Sile Walsh…

I was always a bit of a dreamer in life. I read lots of books as a child and later I used meditation and positive thinking to escape from life. These were simply coping strategies for me when I didn’t have faith in myself.

But the challenge is… how to become stronger and to live life according to your own values instead of everyone elses? How do you become authentic???

When I met Sile Walsh, I met a kindred spirit – she is the author of Self-Care, an Authentic Journey and she is Life & Business Coach based in Cork where she focuses on authenticity and self-care with her clients.

When I invited Sile to New Ross to interview her for my Pure Soul Style blog, I had no idea how much I would personally learn from that interview. In fact when I listened to it a few weeks later, I had even more “aha!” moments that helped me see my own “authentic” self in a new way.

In the interview we chat about what authenticity really is and about both of our personal stories around being true to ourselves. Sile also reveals tips to recognise when you are acting out of a wish to please others instead of being authentic. The interview is 33.33 mins long but I promise that if you take the time to listen in you will be glad you did…

Click here to hear this wonderful interview with Sile Walsh “On Authenticity”

I would love to find out your story about finding and expressing your authentic self and if you have a different perspective on this I would love to hear it too. Contact me on 089-9829914 or [email protected] Also, check out for Sile’s blog and her fabulous book on Self-Care.


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