My Favourite Looks…

January 18, 2016
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My favourite looks from way back when…

Style is such a personal thing. Even though I studied fashion and style for many years that hasn’t changed the fact that what I feel good in is  more important to me than how it looks to everyone else. Here are some of my favourite looks over the years…

Scan_20150505 (13)1. Pastel Yellow Smocked Summer Dress worn with a white sun hat. I LOVED this look… it’s so fresh and cute. This is my best shade of yellow for my cool skin-tone and I have some tops in the same colour now. Pretty, isn’t it?






Scan_20150505 (22)2. This was around the time Flashdance, the original movie was on – it was the 80’s and perms were in!! So, I got my first perm and I LOVED it. The striped shirt over a t-shirt was cool back then too. And a pale blue denim skirt – my look was complete!




Scan_20150505 (10)3. I went to America for a few months and got this professional picture taken – with a pale pink round neck sweater, pale blue eyeshadow and lipgloss. Very girly!








Scan_20150505 (12)4. This gorgeous “Debs” dress was made by my Mom – she used to make a lot of my clothes when I was much younger too. The velvet bodice felt so luxurious!!  I loved Winona Ryder at the time which is why I have my hair very short. The only down-side  was my nerves about ever kissing anyone with my braces!!







Scan_20150505 (15)5. In the 90’s I went though my boho phase – long dresses with my Doc Martin boots and lots of texture like this button up woolen vest. My bead were wooden. It’s the all natural look. This photo was taken on the Staten Island Ferry in New York!




Scan_20150505 (19)6. Later in the 90’s I had a more sporty look! This is a cute zip-up top worn over jeans… and look who I’m having my photo taken with… it’s the Queen of England!!





Scan_20150505 (11)P.S. Here is my school uniform – the royal blue jumper that I sometimes wore during my summer holidays is under my blazer. I was so excited and felt so smart in all new clothes and the beret too!






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When is failure really a success?

April 6, 2014
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The word failure sounds so bad – we talk about how a marriage failed after 10 years or now most businesses fail in the first 3 years.

But I believe we need to be careful to call these things failures.

What if that marriage was a success for most of those 10 years? What if the owner of that business learned “what not-to-do” in that business and will make the next one even better.

Let’s say you’ve failed at something – maybe your boyfriend broke up with you or you realised you shouldn’t be studying Economics after all. What then? Have you failed?

My story

Like just about everyone, in my life I’ve tried to please people or impress them or even prove them wrong.

When I became a cabin attendant for Japan Airlines my parents thought I was mad but I was off on an adventure to make some money and travel the world. I wanted to prove them wrong.

But being away ALL the time flying to Japan didn’t do my friendships much good. And my passion for singing was put on a shelf to gather dust for 5 years.

When I started image consulting, I bragged to a friend now amazing my potential earnings would be. But I never did earn that amount!

Little did I know that while every failure has an up-side every apparent success has its down-sides too. It really is a give and take but the old Chinese proverb of “Good luck or bad luck, who knows” stops me from over analysing everything.

It’s only now looking back on my life that I’ve realised how my failures have shaped me, made me stronger and taught me more about me for better or worse.

Thomas Edison who invented the light-bulb said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” and “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Tweet it J

Here is a fabulous video on how to recognise mistakes as an awesome way to learn…

Failure is good!

Imagine deciding that failure is GOOD! Maybe it’s good because you learned what not to do next time or because it helped you leave a situation that didn’t really suit you.

In exercise, the fastest way to tone up is to exercise to failure. That is to do a level of intensity that you can only deal with for a few minutes before you can’t do anymore.

For example, sprinting… you go as fast as you possibly can for 100 meters –if you are really going as fast as you can then by 110 meters you will collapse!

Now that might sound like a crazy thing to do but it works. The next time you sprint your body will adapt to the challenge and improve your speed.

The same happens in weight training… if you choose a weight you can lift safely but only about 6 times before you need to stop (exercise to failure!) then your lean tissue adapts and tones up.

If you lift a much lighter weight 30 or 40 times your body doesn’t see it as enough of a challenge to tone up in the same way.


Make failure work for you!

We often seem to think we have to succeed at everything first time and if we fail it’s not meant to be.

If you read auto-biographies of successful people you will see that most of them admit to failing many times. Even those who are successful quite quickly have projects that just don’t work and have to be dropped.

But the main thing is they didn’t give up so don’t you give up if it matters to you!

It doesn’t have to matter to anyone else but if you want something and if you persist then you will learn what to do and what not to do.


The only thing that is important is to be YOU – the real you.

Be true to yourself and your desires and then include helping others along the way. That is what Real Girl Confidence is all about.

Let’s figure YOU out and have fun while we fail along the way! J

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