Caroline Nolan, Herbalist

April 27, 2016
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Caroline Nolan came for a Style Consultation before revamping her website. Style for Women in Business helps you attract the right clients by ensuring your image represents the values and selling points of your business.

Aideen: I’m here with Caroline Nolan who is a herbalist. We worked together lately to spruce up Caroline’s image and to help her with her direction with her brand for her business. What you wear can have a big impact on how you are perceived by your clients and things like that. So, Caroline understood that. One thing I want to ask you is why did you want to come and see me now, what was the difference, what was the problem?

Caroline: I’m just getting back working after having three kids. When it came to what do I wear, what do I even like anymore I just had no idea what suits me, my body shape has changed, I don’t even know what colors or what fabrics or anything. It’s like I just needed a kick-start. That’s why I came to you Aideen. And what a fantastic job you’ve done.

Aideen: What was the main thing that clicked into place for you after meeting for your consultation at home?

Caroline: The main thing was, the colours that came up in our consultation were colours that I know that suit me. It just got me when I have been looking and shopping since, it really helped me trust my instinct and what I already knew came back to me. I was reminded really well. It gave me just a bit more confidence really in going and to get in the clothes that we discussed, the kind of clothes, the kind of shapes. Yeah, it’s like I’m a new woman.

Aideen: Fantastic. We’ve just met up there because we’ve been at your photo shoot for your website. How did that go for you?

Caroline: It was much less scary than I thought it would be. I was very glad to have went with your guidance really. I picked the colours and the fabrics that reflected what I want to communicate now. I’ll have all that done before going for that photo shoot.

Aideen: Fantastic.

Caroline: It was really good timing.

Aideen: What’s next for you Caroline?

Caroline: What’s next for me is, well you can follow me at to see what’s next Aideen.

Aideen: Wow, fantastic. Thanks Caroline

Caroline: Thank you very much.

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Pure Corporate Style

March 23, 2016
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Presentation & Communication Training for Businesses

Now you can improve your customer’s experience, boost loyalty to your brand so that the competition is left standing and most importantly increase sales! Through a consultation and tailored Presentation & Communication Training now you can develop and communicate a cohesive image and brand to your customers through improved employee presentation and communication skills.

This is for your business if want to:

  • Build trust with Customers
  • Boost sales and improve customer experiences
  • Decrease Complaints
  • Improve customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Boost confidence and improve staff retention in your business
  • Up-skill Managers to train staff in consistent customer service standards
Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Proposal
Step 3: Deliver tailored Presentation & Branding Training

Details: Presentation & Communication Training

Full or half day courses    |    Up to 12 People per workshop     |    Wexford, Kilkenny, Waterford


  • Keys to creating rapport with customers
  • How to communicate company values to customers
  • Clear expectations for staff grooming standards
  • How to make a great first impression using body language
  • Colours to create customer confidence including Uniforms

“Thank you, Aideen, for all your helpful advice. You are very approachable and I found it very empowering. I’m excited about putting all your advice into practice.” Ber Fawsitt, Cork

Every training is tailored to the needs of your staff and is based on your business goals.

Call me on 089-9829914 to book a free Business Consultation

Click here to schedule your free call B

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Style & Presentation For Business

May 1, 2015
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Confidence in Business

“It gave me just a bit more confidence really in going and to get in the clothes that we discussed, the kind of clothes, the kind of shapes. Yeah, it’s like I’m a new woman.” Caroline Nolan, Business Owner

Who is it for:

  • Business Owners & Senior Managersinterview

What it covers for you:

  • Style & Confidence Coaching
  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe management
  • Media ready outfits for TV or radio


Call me on 089-9829914 or email [email protected]


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